DSCF6257-Edit_480 About Photographer Thomas Thorstensson


Here could be two double quotes within which I say some clever words.

I’m not a professional photographer (I also write); I code for a living.

I guess I say that also because I don’t like labels.

What I learnt about my own work comes from others. So I’ve heard that my photos have “weight”, “makes you think”. I’m gladdened by such words.

Perhaps some of my work is literary in quality; I see things that are offbeat in some sense or other. Why is a long story, but suffice to say that I always felt marginalized.—This might be a good thing.

There’s no recipe, no staked out path here. At the moment I’m doing some nude photography, and we will see what will be.

Thanks for watching.


Oh, and not much new links below as I haven’t cared much for submitting work in recent years. We shall see…

Solo exhibitions

Craftcentral (7th March, 2016)

Honorable mentions

Tokyofotoawards 2017

Selected group exhibitions

Fife Fotospace Gallery
Blantyre Arts Festival


Geo France
Edge Of Humanity
Street Photography Magazine

Stock licensing